experienced staff . . .


Managing your asset begins with an experienced on site dedicated staff and management team. Our goal is to align with ownership in taking your property to the next level of income, asset preservation and outperform other similiar assets in the area.


. . . an innovative environment

Wells Asset Management manages assets and keeps them moving forward by promoting a work environment that fosters open communication and free expression of new ideas along with rewarding performance. We believe this cultivates innovation, and when combined with strong fundamentals, it invariably leads to success!


property marketing . . .

Wells Asset Management has an understanding that each property can be unique in its tenant demographics.These agressive marketing techniques can provide each asset with the following:

  • Increasing property growth and profitability for our clients
  • Demostrated higher retention rates
  • Lower delinquency rates
  • Support among tenants

Wells Asset Management, Inc. follows strict Equal Fair Housing laws and practices Fair Housing Guidelines.


on-going market research . . .

Market research is critical to property positioning in the marketplace. No matter the level in the overall market, we analyze and challenge competitor-marketing efforts and find unique ways to improve property position. We have the resources, expertise and experience, the innovativeness, quality standards, and market research to help advance your properties in the marketplace!


receivership services for multifamily. . .

Receivership Services for multifamily and commercial buildings. Wells Asset Management works directly with the courts along with the lender or special servicer. Please contact Robert Aiello, CMB.


Wells Asset Management , Inc. a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.